Voodoo Child

 "When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace."

                                                                                    – Jimi Hendrix-

Fashion becomes timeless when it becomes a work of Art.

Why buy art that doesn’t stir one’s emotions and imagination? For if art doesn’t accomplish that singular goal, then what does it serve aside from just taking up space, or just blending into the room?

Painted garments in the past have been known to be hastily rendered with little concern for detail or longevity. To casually wear and eventually discard.

Now a collection that is truly one of a kind. Combining 2 worlds with the fearless vision that embodies the desire in all of us to be recognized as unique.  
Own original art renderings brought to life on non-conventional canvases, and presented to be displayed as true works of art.

FYI, This is truly one of a kind because this imagery will never be reproduced by this artist.

Ideally, this collection like any other is meant to be displayed, hence the handcrafted gallery frame. All garments are previously owned and are in good condition. All garments are varnished (non-toxic) to protect from UV rays and to preserve the art. 

Garments can be worn if chosen to do so, but that is at the risk of the owner. We cannot guarantee the mishandling or severe weather conditions the garment maybe subjected to. If worn, creasing can occur. Avoid leaning or applying weight on garment to prevent creasing from happening.  Creases (or wrinkles) can be removed, but cautiously with a iron set on medium heat, and a doubled layered cotton fabric (a white T-shirt is prefect) between the iron and garment. Do not apply heat for more than 5 second at a time checking in between ironing.

  • One of a kind.
  • Hand-painted Acrylic on Men's Leather Jacket/ Size:46
  • Mounted on Gallery Quality Frame (2 choices).
  • Specify desired frame in 'Cart/Edit Order Note' window.
  • Discount Codes and special offers do not apply to this item.

Please request a zoom meeting for a private viewing and any other inquiries of this exclusive work of art.

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