Star Child

Star Child 2020/ Modern Art Canvas/
Art inspires art as so do artist. In a rare instance this piece was the case of the cart coming before the horse. My daughter had requested a trio of paintings of a narrow width so they could be placed in a row. After building 2 of the frames, I wanted to place the canvas over the stretchers to see how much I had for the wrap around. Turned out I miscalculated the size of the stretchers and I had already cut the canvases. My only option was to build two stretchers to fit the precut canvases and come up with a concept to work with both as a set. A mirror image came to mind quickly, and just in researching, a basic head shot of Rihanna was subtlety appealing. Combined with another photo of a model with a layer of a thick reflective liquid on her face, and adding an abstract high tech background, the design was complete. Although I have made my living producing digital art, I prefer the transition to rendering on canvas. Yet the computer still serves a valued tool in my design process in gathering and composing art concepts.        
  • Acrylic on Wrap-Around Canvas
  • 42' 1/2 x 23' 1/2 ( Single Canvas)
  • 1 1/2 Depth
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