Soul Violin /2021

Soul Violinist
Witnessed Niagara Falls recently, awesome sight and experience. Knew at some point I would use it for a backdrop for a yet to be conceived concept. A short time after on the ride home from work, at one train stop there were two young handsome gentlemen playing violins on the platform. The fact that they were black inspired me immediately to include them in my mental library. Combining both traveling visions I proceeded to research images of violinist  and used one of the photos taken at the falls. The torso of the model is actually based on a photo of Muhammad Ali engaging with Ken Norton from their second fight. The likeness is based on a photo of a dancer who’s head was in the perfect angle. There were birds flying by the falls, so the addition of doves gives the design a mystical aura.       
  • Acrylic on Wrap-Around Canvas
  • 58'x 48' ( Single Canvas)
  • 1.5' Depth
  • Discount Codes and special offers do not apply to this item.

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