Mother Nature /2020

Mother Nature
Based on an untitled story that I have been working on for quite a few years. Inspired by the concept of a lost scripture from the bible. Who is Mother Nature? Deciding to go beyond the Greco-Roman mythology, Mother Nature was on par with Lucifer prior to his fall. Where as she was to preside over the natural development of the earth, man’s unsavory behavior led her to abdicate her title until the day she would be called upon to save humanity from an unearthly presence. This painting does not represent a particular scene, but more so her calming power over evil. The opinion of whether the demons are sleeping, incapacitated, or perished is left to viewer.         
  • Acrylic on Wrap-Around Canvas
  • Costume Wood Frame
  • 60'x 49' ( Single Canvas)
  • 3' Depth
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